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The industry is continuously looking for a professional Web design Company who can deliver good services in an efficient manner to create Ecommerce web design. Individuals interested and keen on learning more about the website design are either part of some ecommerce website company or someone wanting to work from home as freelancers to provide their services. There is a good amount of money that can be earned from having an ecommerce website especially when you also use the services of a Dropshipping wholesaler and many professionals are adapting to it.

Ecommerce Web design UK businesses are providing a number of cheap website options for people looking for an effective website design for their businesses, which is also ideal for new start-ups and those wanting to work from home. One of the primary reasons could be that an ecommerce website design is becoming a necessity for the virtual presence of businesses because of demands by customers. The internet boom has now made it compulsory to interact with clients and customers through websites. The Web Design Company in UK is an Ecommerce web design company offering feasible solutions for people looking for cheap website designs.


At the web Design Company you can now get an ecommerce web design on a monthly plan like you do with mobile phones, instead of paying a large upfront fee for a cheap website you can have pay monthly websites built for no large upfront fee. When you have decided on the ecommerce web design you are happy with, the web design company will then have the pay monthly websites up and running within about a week. With Pay monthly websites from the web design company you get everything included. The features you should expect with pay monthly websites are a free domain, Ecommerce web design with all the features expected from an ecommerce website, website hosting, any changes to the website that you require, maintaining the website and fixing any problems that occur and also any new updates. In short with pay monthly websites, the web design company will look after the technical side of keeping your website online and running, leaving you to concentrate on promoting your products.






Customers can now get access to cheap web design services in a number of ways. They can either purchase a onetime cheap web design service from the Web Design Company at a onetime rate or they can benefit from what is called the pay monthly websites exclusively being offered by the Web Design Company.


Pay monthly websites or website rental services are an alternate to having a cheap website design that businesses may acquire from either freelance web site designers or work from home professionals. The benefit of choosing the pay monthly website, web design services is that they provide maintenance services as well with the cheap website design. Normally as the process of website design is completed the web site designers are paid for their service and the maintenance and updating of the website is left for the customer to take care of. With professional web design services like that of the Web Design Company customers can now benefit from a continuous maintenance and upgrading service through website rentals.


Website rentals are feasible ways to have an efficient and effective website for your company. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds to web site designers you can rent a website from the Web Design Company who will take care of the hosting, maintenance, updating and alterations in the website for a monthly fee.


At a minimal fee of 17.99 per month customers can rent an ecommerce website design like the ecommerce website design examples on, you can also have mobile website design and SEO web design included in the pay monthly website fee. Unlike how most of the people pay extra money to web site designers for even small alteration or updating required on the cheap website design, with the Web Design Company there are no extra charges. The customers get the benefit of paying fixed monthly fees for the service and rent a website easily.


What People Want Out of Cheap Website Design


When people decide to get a cheap website design for themselves, it is not actually a cheap web design that they get because it can require hundreds of pounds to be given to the web site designers. And when there is a need of some upgrading or content change required then more money is to be provided again to the website design company so that they can make the changes. A much better option is to rent a website at a fraction of the price. Professional web design services like that of the Web Design Company is sure to provide its customers with website rental services for any of the ecommerce web design, SEO web design or mobile website design requirements.


The idea is simple and requires paying up a monthly amount to the professional for building a professional yet cheap website, hosting the website, maintenance or errors and malfunctions as well as upgrading and alteration when required. The fee is minimal from around £11.99 to £17.99 per month and a full-fledged hosting service is guaranteed by the Web Design Company. Customers can get a full ecommerce website design up and running for as long as they want without needing to worry about its maintenance and upgrading.


Having a website rental service for your business provides the greater benefit of cost efficiency. The pay monthly websites are the current trend being offered by many web design UK services. These are also affordable website design solutions that most companies are looking for. Work from home individuals can also contribute to web design services in this aspect.


Benefits of Rental Services


One of the main benefits of pay monthly websites or website rentals is that cheap web designs can come in handy. There is less design burden and hassle involved for the customers as much of the work is done by the Web Design Company. The web site designers offering the website design services are familiar with the latest ecommerce web design trends and they can guide better in the development of these pay monthly websites. Customers only need to provide the text that needs to be put up and in very rare cases images might also be required.


The web design services are also well aware of the technicalities and the look and feel of the website. They understand the placement of text and images according to ecommerce website design requirements. Even when the web design services are for cheap website design like SEO web design or mobile website design, they have the experience of constructing and maintaining them professionally. There are different requirements in terms of placement of text and images, look and feel and the navigation of different types of web design UK. It is best for companies wanting a cheap website to let these requirements be handled by the professional web design services.


The Web Design Company also provides room for work from home professionals in the website rental or pay monthly websites category. They are responsible for most of the maintenance and alteration aspects of pay monthly websites. The customers can choose from a number of design templates, features to be added and can tell about other details. The web design development team constructs the cheap web design according to your requirements and then takes the responsibility of handling the website as well. The customers will be paying a monthly fee which is better than paying more first for building a website and then paying again for changes required every time.


Cheap website designs are what everyone is looking for because of the compulsion of having an online presence. It is almost impossible now for businesses to operate effectively without a website which is why they are looking for affordable website design services. When it comes to web design UK the website rental service is an attractive offer to provide customers. Your website company can gain prominence if you focus on these aspects. It is also a good opportunity for work from home individuals to build on their web design skills.


Cheap web design services adopt efficient web site designers to handle the job. The website company will not be of much importance if the issues during maintenance cannot be handled in a professional manner. Cheap website design services like that of the Web Design Company are beneficial for all sorts of businesses.


The web design industry is now allowing companies and professionals who work from home to contribute to the website rental services. This is a new trend in the affordable website design field and many people are leveraging from it especially for ecommerce web design. If you are looking for a professional website company there is no better option than the Web Design Company in UK as the customers get to experience quality with affordability.


Cheap Web Design Services-Why These Are Important For A Work From Home Business That Needs Its Own Website?

When you go about handing out your business card nowadays or business pamphlets, you must have your website address displayed in a prominent place. In the tough competition that your business is in nowadays, especially if you are the new breed of work from home entrepreneurs it is of utmost importance to have a website designed from the web design company that has a cheap website design service. As a measure of the importance of having a website presence on the internet, use this example, how many people whom you have happened to work with, or customers and clients that you have spoken to, how many have asked you about your website. I can suppose quite confidently, many have.


The fact is that with the internet now becoming such a wide spread asset and tool it should be used to our benefit. And people are using this tool to their benefit. You should not miss out either. Use the internet to gain maximum benefit from it.


Nowadays, if people want something the first place they look for information, is the internet. So it is the prime place to have your products or services advertised. There is no bigger advertising centre than the internet. The mere number of people who are using it every minute is far greater than those reading a newspaper each day. So which has more opportunity to move your business forward, what would serve you better; the traditional ways or the latest ones?


Having a website built from a cheap website design company allows you to reach your new clients. People now do not go out and explore the city for shops that might help them with whatever services they are looking for. They would simply go online and search for the relevant service that is needed. You can reach out to various customers like that.


A website is a massive marketing platform. You can put up the products and services you offer for sale. In this way a larger number of people would be able to obtain comprehensive details about your services which will in turn be a persuasion tool. It will help to persuade people to invest in the services that you offer. It can also help in their decision making process. Since it is a hassle free way to obtain information and takes less time than actually travelling about and going here and there. People tend to prefer to work from home and do a website search rather than going window shopping for something they require.


When you think about getting the web design company to start with your website design, you need to be sure that you are going to use the right web design company or expert website designer who can also work from home to design a best website for you.


The world has moved forward now. People expect good businesses to have a responsive and informative website. An interactive and well designed website can definitely help create a good first impression on your clients, there for gaining more potential clients for you. Your website will be working for you around the clock. You might be tucked away peacefully in your bed and your website will still be working away taking orders and getting you more potential clients during that time. There are no hourly employee costs while the website works efficiently round the clock, taking orders, taking payments and passing information to customers.


Your website is a form of advertising that is very cost effective. Your website can be extremely colourful and attractive, and no matter how much you change or add colour to it, it will not cost you even a single penny. In comparison, your hard copy of flyers and posters can actually cost you quite a lot. You have the chance to depict yourself in any way you want with virtually no charges at all.


When you go to the web design company to get your web design turned into a live website, you can choose to pay for the web design work in one go and either arrange your own hosting or use the web design company’s hosting package or you even have the option of a pay monthly website to opt for. You can rent a website of your choice and liking month by month. With a pay monthly website everything is included within the price. Including many items you would normally pay extra for, such as Hosting, maintenance, any update or upgrades. You can even have the whole website rebuilt without any additional costs to pay.


If you have an advertisement campaign going on then there is no better way to provide follow up advertisements than by using a website that has all the appropriate and essential description of the services that it provides. You can have your website design in your current advertisement colour scheme with all the relevant information that they may be looking for, and then see the tremendous difference that it makes to your list of clients. You should go for a website that offers you cheap web design in price, but the web design must be of high quality and must meet your needs.


Your website will help you in protecting you from spending valuable time answering questions that you are frequently asked related to the services that you offer. You can have a page solely dedicated to the frequent asked questions. This can help your clients in gaining relevant information and save your precious time from answering the same questions again and again. Other than that, this is a good way to get in the good books of your customers. They would truly appreciate the effort you make to provide them with important information.


It can costs a lot of money to get pamphlets and newsletters regarding your company’s new ventures and endeavours written down on glossy paper, and then distributed to your customers. You can advise people who would normaly have pamphlets and newsletters sent to them to visit the website where all the information can easily be obtained with the help of the website. In this way, you do not need to waste extra cash on producing pamphlets that might go waste. Or wasting them on people who would not want it in the first place, this method also saves you the cost of having the newsletter printed first and then the cost of having it sent to the desired location.


With social networking prevalent now you can even have buttons placed within the web design that allow your present clients to share your websites on social networking sites. Hence increasing the chance of having people see the services that you offer and thus increase the percentage of people who avail or buy your services.

Websites allow people like mums to work at home without the need of child care. It is a way for them to set up a business and gain income and stay in the home caring for their children. The opportunity to work from home is very realistic now by using the services of a Dropshipper to provide inventory for your ecommerce web design.





Rent a website and Work from home or more!

Let’s face it. The internet is something that we just can not deny to the massive businesses circle that we have out there. It is something that we need quite ardently for all types of business even the small scale ones that work from home. Who can deny the monstrous impact that internet has on all types of businesses such as the web design company that offers to rent a website. Businesses can now surely flourish and turn a new leaf for the better if they embrace the internet. No body can deny the fact that internet will always have a huge impact on everything that we have today.


The Internet now allows you the opportunity to work from home. Talk about those people who are shackled to the house because of aged parents or stay at home moms with small children. It was such a hassle for them to go and leave their responsibility behind back in the days before websites and the internet. The internet has now provided them with a way to actually be there for their family members and also earn an income by doing work from home.  Well now, stay at home moms can earn income by using Dropshipping to set up an online store with little cash outlay.


Even a small scale business needs a website to use the internet for their business needs. During the era when internet was just a budding idea and it had yet to grow and expand the way it has, even then no body was in any kind of confusion regarding the importance and the extent of impact that such an asset can have over all types of businesses.


Even if the products that you are selling can not be sold online to the customers, it is still important for you to have a website. You can rent a website from the web design company at a small monthly payment, by using the rent a website option all web design fees, hosting maintenance and upgrades are all included in the low rent a website monthly charge


You should not doubt your products ability to be sold online. Right now, at this very moment, the internet is currently holding a bunch of items that you thought could never sell online. Who could have thought a florist shop could flourish with a website. But the fact is that it does. Every kind of commodity can be sold via the internet. It is a large and outstanding trading platform providing gigantic opportunities to every kind of material possible out there.


If you are ready to have a website then you should check out what can the most sought after SEO web design company offer you.


You should be a lot more optimistic that your product will sell online. Look at it this way. There are far more interested shoppers online than products that are available. You can find people who are willing to purchase things as small as socks or books to things as big and expensive as boats and ships. So why would not your product qualify as something that would sell online. Anything can sell as long as you do the correct marketing. This is where SEO web design comes in, when you buy your website or even rent a website it needs to be search engine optimized or SEO.


You should not just solely rely on the internet it is always advisable that you use conventional methods too. In the advertisements and flyers that you post, you should have your website printed on them too. Also include your website address on the phone directory information, in fact anywhere it can be seen.


This will definitely be a huge boost to your business, no matter what your business is related to.

Then if you do decide to have a website, or rent a website then you should at most have a website that is extremely professional when it comes to looks. That does not mean you need the latest dancing fairies and stars flying across the screen. It should be clean and professional yet inviting. Websites that give off a non serious look will surely make your customers run far away from you. Your websites should have sufficient knowledge about the products that you are selling or the services that you are providing. It should be a medium that your customers can use to gain information regarding various things.


Where do people first go when they need information regarding things? The answer should come as no surprise to you; the internet. Not being in a place where surely at almost every moment of the day somebody is trying to find something that you are willing to offer is a very unwise move.


Another thing; even if you are a workaholic you simply cannot work for an entire day and night, day after day. It is inhumane and simply not possible. But guess who can work for you round the clock; your faithful website. It can help grab new customers for you even when you are all snuggled up in bed.


You can even go for the web design UK companies that offer you the opportunity to have a pay monthly web site.  You could get a website for a month at a time when you rent a website. It would allow you to see which web site design and lay out would help you gain maximum clients.


Work from home-How to make a safe living

People tend to work from home for various reasons. There are quite a few benefits of working from home using dropshipping. Some might like to elude the tense, monotonous and boring work environment that they have to suffer through in their offices. Some people like to work at home just because they need extra cash for various purposes, fulfilling a debt or simply buying something for themselves. Who does not like to be pampered from time to time?

The reasons behind why people want to leap in to the work from home business are quite numerous. The important thing to consider is that when you go in to such work at home businesses you should take care of a few things.

One area that is popular is setting up your own ecommerce website; first you need a cheap web design company to build your website. You can even get a pay monthly website from places like the web design company. This is where instead of paying upfront for a cheap web design or even an expensive one, you just get a pay monthly website where everything you need is included in the monthly fee.


You should always keep a highly realistic approach when working over the internet. When you leap in to the internet’s work place, you need to go in thinking optimistically yet realistically. You need to tell yourself that the internet is much like the tangible world. You will not be paid in thousands for something that you can never be paid in thousands in the real world. Do not just go in and settle for a job that pays you in thousands. The question that you need to ask yourself is will they really pay that huge amount for a simple task like that. If you think the money is too unrealistic then you need to back off. It is definitely not worth it. The internet world has also been tinged with scams and ways in which people can be fooled out of their money so you need to be careful when you opt or choose your work from home job.


Stay away from such internet adventures that ask you to invest in them. Such internet investments are usually phony. They are a way to get people to wish their money good bye. Internet investments are not safe. Since you really can not see what you are investing in or in whom are you vesting your trust. The best thing would be to stay away from all those internet schemes that ask you to invest some money in them.


You need to be vigilant when you go out and try your luck in the internet world. If a website which is offering you a job where you can work from home and asking you for money then you better stay far away from it. When you go in for an interview, you are not required to pay a dime. It is not so different in the internet world. Then why should you pay first to be employed?


You need to get something straight; when you work from home it is in no way an easy means of making money. It is quite tedious and requires your full hearted work and undimmed effort. You need to put in a lot of effort to get your work at home business up and running.


If you own a website then you would probably have to be very patient too. You would also have to be quite cautious of the place that helps provide you with a website. The website that you choose to have as your income gainer should be interactive and informative. You can seek help from a cheap web design company who can offer you a web design at quite cheap prices. It should have relevant articles. You can even avail a pay monthly website offer. In which you get a chance to rent a website by the month at a specific price.


Working at home is not an ordinary or a small feat. It is a huge thing. You need to be highly alert when you are working online. And you need to make sure you sign up for all the right schemes and stay far away from all the wrong ones.




Shopping goes high tech with business owners that Work From Home using Dropshipping

Shopping goes high tech with business owners that Work From Home using Dropshipping: Never queue again in a department store


What does the future hold in store for shoppers?  Do traditional stores have a place in the distant future? Will offices be rendered obsolete as more people work from home or will virtual offices make them fade into oblivion? What is dropshipping and how it works?


In the past, cash registers had dominated the store scene. VISA and MASTERCARD came into the scene and everything changed. People warmed to the idea of using their credit cards to make online purchases. People finally trusted the net a little bit more. Ecommerce was fast gaining popularity. Plastic was the preferred method of transaction: credit cards were filling the coffers of stores. Nowadays, most of the clients opt to use ecommerce than the traditional stores. More entrepreneurs work from home setting up online businesses


Does the internet spell death to the high street retailer?


This question is quite a complex one. This is because proving it is an arduous task at best. According to studies carried out, it is worth noting that now more people feel content spending money online. Also, more people are continuing to trust that the internet is safe for conducting their business. In addition the amount of money spent online has been increasing year on year, while high street sales have been in decline.

More and more people are using web designers to build websites and you can even get pay monthly website now with no upfront fees to keep it running, with this purpose, businessmen just need to pay a fix amount to the web designer so that you can keep your business running online.


A notable impact of this state of events and most of the expenditures we incur means that it’s either shape up or ship out for high street retailers. This turning point has been observed in stores up and down the country that have boarded and shipped out. You might think that there is a hurricane about to touchdown when you drive through some town centres. What does this connote to shoppers? We are going out of business.


The internet has risen to a point that offices have been affected. Clerical duties have been affected immensely. Imagine this scenario; ten years ago, if you found a job overseas the most practical solution was to move. It made sense at the time. However, the internet has obliterated the borders that necessitate such movements. People prefer to work from home with the help of the internet. Offices have gone virtual and the internet has made it possible for teleconferencing with people. All one needs is a telecommunications expert to set it up for you. What does this spell for work? One can have all the best minds in one room now even though they are in different countries. Using the internet in this context is very convenient. Unnecessary expenditure is avoided: very huge office space, plane tickets or ship tickets. Most shoppers opt for the internet to get their purchases delivered to the door and can easily compare prices from the comfort of the arm chair and most of these people prefer dropshipping because you don’t have to travel physically to the store. Most metropolitan cities: London or Manchester, moving through traffic is a nightmare, and then there are the parking problems. However, if major cities lacked major stores then they’d be deserted. They are necessary for people who are aren’t plugged into the internet.

One has to wonder what effect these subtle changes will have on retail and on commerce. Anticipating what is going to happen if the world was entirely dependent on the internet is quite difficult. The changes in themselves are not permanent: they will come and be obsolete.


In a world dominated by the rat race, one looks for convenience where they can get it. over 75% of households in the west have access to a computer, and that’s why, they prefer to do work from home and access different dropshipping websites like eBay to fulfil their needs. If you are too busy to walk into a shop, or you don’t feel like queuing at a store then you have a hassle free way of doing your shopping.


The new media has eased movement; you can do everything at the comfort of your house. Virtual offices have enabled people to work from home. What does this mean for ecommerce? Well, it means progress in everything. Deals can be made without incurring unnecessary travel expenses. Dating has also become easier with telecommunication. Video chats are available for people engaged in long distance relationships. A kind of Golden Age has emerged as result of the internet. People can engage in their own interests and share them with others. When you for instance work at home, you have control over how you spend your time. However, this “Golden Age” is not a bed of roses, for a fact these advances in technology have put people out of business.


Consumers are in a dilemma of sorts: ecommerce is a double edged sword which cuts both ways; it offers consumers convenience and at the same time threatens people’s livelihood.


When you look at it from both ends, you might ask,” what was the need for this innovation or dropshipping if it causes a lot of complication? The economy is driven by the cottage industry workers. However, the future is not bleak; you cannot dispense with a worker who deals with a specialised task. Ecommerce can be done within a couple of minutes without threatening the job of an artisan. However, factory workers are continuously being replaced due to automation. Adaptation, therefore consider updating skills especially if they can be used to work from home.


Why Can’t a Smartphone view a website as it is

Query: Why does a smart phone fail to exhibit the website’s layout “as it is”?



The CSS layout that is desktop based can not be adjusted in the Smartphone’s thin viewport.


You can get a clearer idea of this working by carrying out the following activity. For this you will need to have newspaper, an empty tin can and a can opener.


  1. Make a tube out of the tin can by cutting of its bottom with the help of the can opener.
  2. Spread the paper on a table
  3. Bring the can close to your eyes and view the newspaper as if looking through the viewing area
  4. Now, You need to somehow make the newspaper small enough to fit in your viewing area and then rotate the paper through right angle in a clockwise direction
  5. As mentioned in the third step, view through your “viewport” again and see if you could find something interesting for yourself to buy!


This practice will make it clear to you that you might just be viewing a different version of The Times, by simply looking through a tin can. On the other hand I might just view a new version of the very same paper by viewing it with my larger tin can. Obviously, the navigation will be a problem to be solved…


This activity will make something evident which is weirdly true, that it is better to have specific newspapers for specific ‘viewports’ so that viewing does not become a trouble.

(You may now go back)

Mobile Internet is the way forward

Technology these days has gone par excellence. Internet that was previously usable on the desktop computers only is has now been made available on all mobile devices. As such web designs have been invented that can now be supported by these mobile devices and therefore, websites, Ecommerce websites and now Mcommerce or websites are becoming increasingly popular. Despite the fact that the mobile web is gaining ground fast, some businesses are still in the stone age and don’t have either an online store or an online website based on the mobile website design. And because of this obliviousness, they face losses to business revenue. The young professionals these days don’t have time to sit on a desktop pc and do their shopping or research. They prefer using internet on mobile devices and this is the reason why mobile website designed websites are doing better than the rest.

However even in these present times, there are still people who are unaware of the mobile web and all the apps, online stores, online shop websites etcetera. They still just use desktop computers. According to research, the number of people using mobile internet have doubled over the previous year, particularly the young professionals who are now eager to stay in touch with the world and their friends at all times. They even prefer to shop from online stores and Mcommerce websites. All such apps and websites have a web design that is supported by mobile devices.

If you already have a website and you want a version of it compatible with the mobile website design, or you want a ready made website which is mobile optimised, you can link your online shop website to and you will get a back link to your website. There are several such mobile directories that can list your mobile website they also allows you to include your traditional website to its database. Cheap website and hosting is offered by us at The Web Design and they are all optimised for the mobile internet. Readymade websites and affordable website designs are also offered. Even if you’re new to all this business, The Web Design will assist you. Therefore, you’ll get everything under one roof.

Following are few reasons as to why you should opt for The Web Design


  • In the present ever advancing world of technology, each business needs a website that is based on the mobile website design. Having an online store for business will enhance your sales and will improve the image of your business.
  • Yellow pages and local phone listings were used in the old days to attract customers. Now the times have changed and you need to turn over a new leaf. Having a mobile website design based Mcommerce website for you business is an essential as people are now mostly shifting to mobile web.
  • Such an online shop website that is based on the mobile website design will allow you to work from home. Affordable website designs are available and you can easily manage your business work from home. You will now be able to offer real competition to both the local and worldwide company’s.


Advantages of Mobile Marketing


Upon the arrival of the very first computer, everyone was convinced that it would lead to new and great discoveries. And it actually did offer people a very easy lifestyle. It is because of advancements the computer that mobile communication and technology is ruling the world now. As the entrepreneurs have now observed mobile technology is now gaining people’s attention, they quickly made it possible for the people to access internet via mobile devices. Business men then decided to make use of this technology to enhance their business and create better profits, so now they have started to use mobile website designs of their traditional websites. Every online store owner should aim to have a mobile website design of their online shop website. Since mobile websites have started to apear, mobile web directories have also sprouted up. In these directories you can enter your mobile website design based Mcommerce website and get yourself additional backlinks and regular buyers. Mobile web has made it easy for people to login to online stores and do their shopping on the go or manage business and work from home. Mobile website designs have enabled people to do all kinds of work faster and easily online.


The best thing about having an online shop website that is based on the mobile website design is that in this manner, you will allow your customers to approach you both ways i.e. through mobile web as well as through normal desktop computers. By having a mobile website design of your company’s traditional online shop website you can gather a lot more profits. And you can make things even better by listing your website at on the Mobile web directories so that more potential buyers get to recognize your mobile friendly online store.


Benefits of mobile optimised online shop website:


QUICK SALES: one of the reasons for switching to a mobile website design of your traditional website is that, it will bring you quick sales. Half the world has already stared using mobile web. They don’t even look at desktop computers. Therefore, to attract these customers you need to have a mobile friendly online shop websites. Advertising and marketing companies have already started boosting their profits up by having a mobile website design version of their traditional sites. This is your time! If you fail to get into the Mcommerce before your competition, you’ll lose the game. And to win it, you need a mobile optimised online shop website.


STREAMLINED INFO: Another major compelling reason as to why you must have mobile optimised online shop website is that web designs that are made for use on mobile devices are capable of opening up completely on the mobile phones. They easily fit the entire content of the online store’s website on the mobile device’s screen which is way smaller that the desktop computer’s screen. Thus, websites that are designed according to the mobile website design can easily offer the maximum content in a minimum space. No zooming in or out is required and the user does not get irritated.

To attain all these benefits of a mobile friendly online shop website, you must contact The Web Design or visit their mobile website designed online shop website from you smart phone!


People want Mobile website Design now

Technology has made it feasible for people to surf the net every now and then. It doesn’t matter now, if one is at the bus stop, train station, any shopping mall or restaurant or a café, you can always access the internet with ease on your mobile because now the mobile website design is used when making websites and online stores. If you have a website optimised for to a mobile website design you can take advantage of all these people with new mobile smart phones. If you do not yet have an online shop website or you can get a readymade website which includes a mobile website option, with this new technology you can now work from home and run your business quite efficiently. Have you ever thought you can make use of this advancement in technology and take your business a step or may be two ahead? Have you ever thought you can obtain an increment in your sales by simply making use of this opportunity?
You can effortlessly move your business a class ahead of what it is currently by simply creating such an online shop website that is both, mobile and computer friendly. Websites that are made for mobiles have the web design that can be viewed on mobile screen sizes, big or small. This feature enables the customers to shop on the go from your online store.

You can check to see if a website is a mobile website design site by simply opening the site on your smart phone. If it loads instantly and shows all the information and images clearly, then the website is mobile enabled. But if you find it difficult to move around on the website and see blur, partially loaded images, then know that your website is not fit for smart phones. This blurring and slow loading of information often causes trouble for your potential purchasers as they find it irritating and a waste of time and they will ultimately leave the website. This happens a lot in among the younger professionals, as they do not have much patience and want things to move quickly and it is evident that these young professionals, posses the highest number of smart phones and make full use the internet, more often than others. Therefore, ensure that your online shop website is mobile compatible as you definitely would not like to lose such potent customers of your online store. If not get yourself a mobile website design company to build one for you.

Should I make my Website Mobile Friendly

We are all well aware of the fact that time is now the most precious commodity for everyone around the globe. That is why the mobile industry is booming despite the economic climate, people are finding that using a mobile device for shopping etc is more convenient as they don’t have much time to spare. Given below are five solid reasons as to why you must have a mobile website design for your online shop website.

1. Facilitate customers: Websites that do not have a mobile friendly website design often suffer a loss of visiters and the extra revenue they would bring. This is because the traditional websites usually have Flash video content that cannot be opened when on the mobile web. Therefore, customers don’t like using it and so the website owner has to face loss of visitors. You should therefore ensure that you optimise your online shop website so it is compatible with mobile a website design so that you can then facilitate customers by saving their time.
2. Pick up the lead: while using your mobile device, when you search for something, the search uses a special index on the site that is primarily for the mobile content on the website. It is true that mobile searching has gathered ground but it is still in its initial stages. This is your time to pick up the lead! There is still less competitors out there to compete with. If you act now and get a mobile optimised web design for your online shop and its online store website. Your reputation will build giving you a head start as the others raise their standards you will already be an established authority in your nich.
3. Stay a step ahead in race: According to stats, at the end of 2010 the number of mobile web users already reached 1 billion users! This figure itself speaks for itself about the rate of growth in the industry and this will grow much faster as technology grows future. By 2012 most mobile users will be using the new breed of smart phones to access the internet. It is time for you to think smart and hire a website designer to build and optimise your new website ensuring it is compatible with mobile website design so that you can then gather greater profits from your online store website.
4. Stay focused on the ‘Mobile Junkies’: These are the people who can generate a great deal of revenue for your website. Because these are the people who can’t even consider leaving their Blackberry, PDA or iPhone for even a fraction of second. All these mobile savvy users prefer to work from home and to shop online and there would be no better way to attract them other than having a mobile website design for your online shop and its online store website.
5. Facts: As stated by a number of studies that were conducted recently over a period of time, Mobile ads have click-through-rates of between 5% and 15% as compared to computer based CTRs that are just 2%. This clearly reveals that website owners with a mobile web design are leading the way over the traditional web design when it comes to income generating. It’s high time that you hire a website designer and build your online store website so it is compatible with mobile website design. This will ensure that you don’t have to miss out on customers and profits.

Is Your Website optimised for mobile Internet

According to recent research by Q2 2014, the expected users of mobile internet will exceed the users of desktop internet. This statement might just surprise you since the amount of people employed in desktop jobs is quite high. The research however, points towards the conclusion that mobile commerce is taking over all the others. It also highlights the importance of having an Online Store or an online shop website that is optimised for mobile users. It has been revealed that only 4.8% of vendors have a mobile internet optimised online store or an online shop website; however a healthy amount of £1.3 billion was spent by people on online stores or mobile commerce in 2011 to date.

In the UK, the rate at which smart phones and computer tablets are being used is clearly evident. Therefore, when you own an online store is it important for your online shop website to be mobile friendly in such a way that one does not need to wait for too long for the site to load and it opens quickly along with showing everything clearly. For instance, for making payments and important contact information, the texts and the numerals should be of a clearly viewable size so that when a busy smart phone customer has to make a payment on your online store, he doesn’t have to fidget and can complete the order quickly.



Topshop has started using this strategy of online store and its online shop website with good results. Topshop has recorded that 8% of the total online sales for the trade has been generated by mobile web sales. It is now thrice of what it was previously. Therefore, they now realise the importance of having a mobile optimised online shop website, as it could increase their revenue considerably. Topshop have also started using mobile apps such as a location based mobile game. Customers can earn “check-ins” as a reward if they win the challenge along with free gifts and discounts.

As stated by the statistics, only 4.8% of the sellers own a mobile optimised online shop or have a mobile optimised online shop website. This clearly means that many of you are letting go of a great opportunity of generating huge profits. All you have to is to have a mobile friendly online shop website up and running. Certainly, no one would mind spending that extra five minutes shopping on your mobile friendly online shop website via their telephone, thereby, increasing your sales!

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